Modular Dice Cube

Scotsman’s vertical evaporator technology provides large amount of high quality ice at very competitive prices. The MV models produce the super-dice ice which is available in full 13grams version or 7 grams half-dice (version MVH). Al models are available in both air cooled or water cooled versions.

MV300 – 140kg

MV450 – 215kg

mv300_140kg mv400_215kg

MV600 – 320kg

MV800 – 400kg

mv600_320kg mv800_400kg

MV1000 – 435kg



Modular Gourmet Cube

Scotsman has revolutionized the ice maker, to provide state-of-the art dimensional and operational features. Today with its new aesthetics you may proudly display your ice maker. At the same time, the reduced dimensions allow you to place it under the counter or wherever you prefer, with the utmost freedom even with water drain constraints. Daily production and storage capacity have been optimized in relation to overall dimensions, while innovative features create and allow the maintenance of the highest food safety standards.

MCM16 – 170kg

MCM46 – 320kg

mcm16_170kg mcm46_320kg

MCM1210 – 660kg



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